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Kind words from Clients, Builders, Developers and Contractors we have worked with through the years.

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Clark | Richardson Architects is a hot, young firm that’s designed a diverse range of projects, from commercial to residential, winning numerous awards and top ratings for sustainability. But if the principals had their druthers, they’d be designing houses full time. The firm’s portfolio includes everything from striking four- and five-bedroom modern houses on generous suburban lots to deceptively large houses on cramped city lots, as well as remodels and additions to dwellings in historic neighborhoods. The designs are modern, white and angular, tempered by wood details. “I think we’re people who are more interested in simple, very well designed spaces that are really about framing a life,” Ed Richardson says.  “Maybe the architecture doesn’t have to be the loudest thing in the room.”  

“We’re interested in the client, the site and sustainability,” adds April Clark. Her commitment to sustainability was cemented while working in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Ed Mazria during the launch of Architecture 2030, the nonprofit he founded to push for the reversal of the ever-higher consumption of fossil fuels and release of greenhouse gases involved in building, as design is a crucial element of cutting back on energy use.  Clark and Richardson met at the Yale School of Architecture in 2001and have collaborated ever since, opening their firm in 2009 and, along the way, having three children. “The tendency in architecture schools is to favor modernist tradition,” Richardson says. “But both April and I come from cities with really strong vernacular traditions — she’s from Santa Fe, and I’m from New Orleans — so I think that comes into play with how we think about architecture and how we think about context.”

- Excerpt from 'Framing A Life', in the April / May 2018 Issue of Western Art and Architecture Magazine


“April and Ed were very effective listeners. They did an excellent job of designing the remodel of our house and guest house to create spaces that met our goals of energy efficiency, simplicity, and comfort. We enjoyed working with them throughout the design process, and they were timely and efficient in delivering their work product. They were sensitive to our cost objectives, not only telling us when we were considering alternatives likely to take us beyond our target, but also telling us where we could do things differently to save money. After the design phase was complete, Ed and April were invaluable in making sure the renovations were done properly and as designed.

We feel the finished product achieved all of our goals, and we enjoy the spaces that have been created. Pictures of their fine work are on their website under the headings Goldenwood residence and Goldenwood guest house. If you could see the "before" pictures, you would really appreciate the creativity used and the huge upgrade achieved.”

-Steven Carman, Residential Client


I've worked with CRA on two different projects - a 2,900 sq. ft. spec house and a 2,000 SF addition to my own house. Ed & April have a collaborative approach to design, and were always flexible with our requests. They work very efficiently and always kept to schedules. Ed is a real sleuth when it comes to the local Austin codes and ordinances. From a creative standpoint, their architecture is well proportioned interior and exterior. They spend a great deal of time getting the openings and door heights just right. We felt they understood our needs and on a personal note were just wonderful to work with.

- Justin Kreizel, Residential Client and Hudson Design and Development


Beyond the excellent work, what I most appreciated was the recommendations and options provided for each design decision instead of requiring me to research everything myself and always know exactly what I wanted.

-Jessica White, Residential Client


Head over heels thrilled. It looks so incredibly beautiful. Thank you all for all of your hard work and dedication. We are so proud of our home. Thank you y’all for all of your incredible hard work throughout our entire process.  Looks like Sun the 29th is our moving day so on that too.

- Lori McCleary, Residential Client


  “Ed and April have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Their plans are wonderfully detailed and thorough and they are very involved their client's selections. Their knowledge of construction practices and methods is extensive. All of this translates into great projects with superb customer satisfaction. When issues arise in the field, they are very responsive and understanding and work with a team mentality to come up with a solution that everyone is pleased with. I highly recommend Ed and April for your next project!”

-Luke Mezger, Mezger Homes Contractor



This project is proof that great, well-designed small space can live big. Really nice design ideas and execution.”  

-Regional NARI Awards Committee 2016 regarding Goldenwood Guest House


Details are amazing in this project.”

-Regional NARI Awards Committee 2016 regarding Eilers Addition


"April Clark & Ed Richardson of Clark Richardson Architects really did an amazing job designing my dream home. It was like we had a Vulcan mind meld - they created in the real world the spaces I was thinking. And Lawrence Huismann built it."

-Elizabeth Williams, Residential Client


As a builder, I am continually impressed with their professionalism, detail, and creativity. It has been my pleasure to work with April and Ed on several projects and I look forward to working with them more in the future. Collaborating with them on projects is gratifying, because they listen to the clients' wishes, come up with beautiful, creative solutions to issues, and really own and take pride in their work. I have not only worked with them on a professional level, but have also hired them to design my own home.

- Daniel Glauser, Glauser Building Inc., Client and Contractor

"We hired Clark Richardson to design a master suite addition and a few other modifications to our existing living room. We were very happy with the results and the whole process leading to the finished design. They were easy to work with and did a great job of understanding the aesthetic we were looking for and designing toward that. They also helped keep us conscious of cost when we were tempted to do something that was likely to blow the budget.

This was our first time doing this sort of project so we were pretty green on the whole process, but Ed and April were always patient and willing to help.  If we have need for an architecture firm in the future it'd be a pleasure to work with Clark Richardson again."

-Yogita Sharma & Eric Furbish, Residential Clients


Thanks again to you both. For the far too short of time we’ve gotten to spend in the finished result, I can tell you with certainty that we love literally every single thing you did here. Moreover, the smart choices you helped us make along the way will go a long way in gettng a truly shocking list price premium (our realtor) believes she can bring in for this place – whoo‐hoo!

-Margaret Ragsdale Ancona, Residential Client


 "I have worked with many architects over the years, and and can easily say, Clark/ Richardson Architects was hands down the best. They paid close attention to my vision of the spaces I wanted to create in my new home and worked closely with me to bring them to a reality. More than just the visual aesthetic, they created the feel that I was hoping for. Not easy to do when you are remodeling a 90 year old home and have to deal with Historic Preservation guidelines at the same time. They were easy to get along with personally, for both me and my builder. Their attention to detail was impeccable. I am thrilled with my beautiful, comfortable, 5 star energy efficient home!!"

- Williams, Residential Client


"Clark Richardson Architects is a trusted partner for all my residential construction projects. Their professionalism, detail, and design are all top notch and I would recommend them without hesitation. In addition, they’re great people, and are truly a pleasure to work with."

- Todd Fletcher, Developer and Builder


"We hired Ed and April to design plans for a major remodel to our Rollingwood home. While we have not yet begun construction, we can't say enough good things about our experience with Clark Richardson. This was our first project, so we met with many different architects before enlisting the CR team. Frankly, our decision was easy. Not only are Ed and April AMAZINGLY talented, but they took the time to understand our goals, respected our budget, went above and beyond to educate us about options (including cost-savers) and made the process fun. We hope and expect to work with them again!"

- Brooke Hovey, Residential Client

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"I love Clark Richardson (CR). April and Ed are just straight out wonderful to work with. Hiring them to build our new home was a great decision. They are hard workers and responsive to our questions and requests, have fantastic attention to detail, are creative problem-solvers and above all-- do beautiful, well-engineered, unique architectural work. They have been excellent guides for the entire building process including permits, expectations, budgets, hiring the contractor, and everything else. Super comprehensive.

 First I need to say, my husband and I have been in our same 866 square foot home for 30 years with little change to the house. And believe me, there was reason to change. We have had no dishwasher, no central A/C, no closet space, and two children (a boy and a girl). This lack of movement is due in large part to my anxiety around the remodeling process and the stories you hear (literally on the street) about delays, lack of sticking to a budget and timeline, and all the many unknowns you hear from seasoned re-modelers. I was extremely scared--worse than going through a haunted house or one of those wacky themed roller coasters that turn you upside down.

It has not been that way with Ed and April. They have really guided us through the process and helped us with all the decisions construction of a new home requires. And because of this thoroughness, expertise, and transparency, April and Ed have made the project manageable and low stress--always helping us with the details. I am so happy we hired them as our architects.

 We discovered Clark Richardson on the homes tour in our neighborhood. I loved the remodel they had done--it was gorgeous and had also won several awards. During the tour, I got to speak with Ed, and immediately noticed how easy he was to talk with. This ease of communication has continued throughout our project with both Ed and April.

 I recommend Clark/Richardson wholeheartedly to anyone who is considering a new build or a remodel. I will definitely hire them again if a need ever arises, and it just might now since I can see (because of them) the home design and construction process is not so bad."

- Kathy Dowdy, Residential Client


“Based on our personal knowledge of and experience with the architectural firm Clark| Richardson, I can strongly recommend them to you.  Clark Richardson has just shepherded our 22,000 square foot mixed-use project (B Austin)through to construction stage, serving not only as architects translating our ideas and ideals to concept drawings and executable detailed designs, but also monitoring and prodding and greasing the skids to address City development code process and substantive concerns.

 Their credentials are superb and their reputation strong. But beyond that, they are a family business (as are we). Two talented, creative, well trained and experienced professionals blend their perspectives, strengths, and skills not only as colleagues but as husband and wife executing the most important architectural rendering of all parenthood.”

-Will Godwin, Special Audience Marketing, Commercial Client


"...April was our project architect and was an absolute joy to work with.  We found April to be very amenable to all our questions, changes and issues. She was very responsive to our specific needs.  In our situation, we had already paid another architect a full sum and so having to engage another architect to salvage a project such as ours, which was incomplete, was a rather delicate and challenging situation for her to be placed into.  Throughout the process, April was patient, tolerant, helpful, available, thoughtful, and kind.  Additionally, she is technically extremely competent and was very efficient with our professional dollars spent. I would give April our highest recommendation as an architect from the standpoint of design, sensitivity, efficiency and economics...." 

- Dr. Daniel Peterson, Austin Brain & Spine, PA, Residential Client


"Clark Richardson Architecture recently provided architectural services for three of our unique projects – a clubhouse renovation in El Paso, TX and two clubhouse projects in Tucson, AZ. For all these projects, CRA provided creative, timely, and cost-conscious design services.

April Clark provided architectural and LEED project management services for our $800,000 pool and clubhouse renovation project in Austin, Texas. In addition to quality design services, April was instrumental in helping us obtain LEED Certification for our project. April Clark, the architect and LEED AP for the project, managed the entire process from product selection to installation, and coordinated all of the necessary work and documentation with our interior designer, landscaper, contractor, and LEED consultant.

I would strongly recommend April and CRA for future projects, especially for those clients interested in green buildings."

- John Gilmore, Senior Director, Hamilton Zanze & Company


“Clark-Richardson Architects is a wonderful architecture firm! We had the privilege to work with April Clark and Ed Richardson on our new home design that is now in full-on construction in Austin. They are outstanding in all aspects -- getting the clear needs/wishes/visions from the client, developing creative alternatives and solutions, producing meticulous and constructor-praised drawings, and maintaining integrity of design and vision through the construction phases. April and Ed are personable, creative, fun, great listeners and keep the process moving in clear, efficient and enjoyable direction.”

-Jeanne Cseri-Martin, Residential Client

"It has been a joy to work with Clark | Richardson to design a guesthouse that will our winter residence in Austin.  We chose Clark | Richardson because we like their aesthetic.  The unexpected bonus is that they are also delightful people with an approach that makes decisions seem effortless.  Ed Richardson is collaborative, responsive, knowledgeable, a good listener, an excellent problem solver and an effective communicator.  While this was a relatively small project, there were a lot of specific things that we wanted and he had to assure compliance with the many requirements from the City of Austin.  In addition, he had to accommodate the needs of our family in the existing, somewhat quirky main house.  We knew we were in good hands as he navigated the many challenges with expertise and a calm demeanor.  He helped us find a contractor that was a good fit for us, and he was available throughout the construction to advise us.  We are thrilled with both the design process and our beautiful new guesthouse!"

- Mim and James Dixon, Residential Clients


"We found Clark Richardson Architects because they were remodeling a home a few streets over from our lot in Hyde Park. We loved how they were modernizing an older home and blending the new architecture so that it compliments the neighborhood. We were unsure if they would fit our budget because of their high-end aesthetic, but they were reasonably priced, approachable, eager to accommodate all of our ideas and even included our 10 year old son at the meetings. It was important to us to not look like so many other new houses in Austin, and they created a mid-century modern design that is unlike anything I have seen anywhere, yet still fits in perfectly. On a daily basis I am amazed at the details they included like the beautiful sizes, shapes and locations of the windows. And I did not realize our ceilings would bring me so much joy! Ed and April are talented, honest, professional, FUN, and care about their clients and Austin. "

- Lori McCleary, Residential Client


"I give April and Ed my highest recommendation and will continue to use them for future projects. Their professionalism and knowledge is exceptional and our project is better than we expected. They met every deadline and continued to work with us and the contractor to help make sure the completion and punch lists were complete to our satisfaction. "

- Emily Greer, Residential Client

If you are looking to build your dream house, and want to have absolutely every detail covered down to the last nail, April & Ed the Co Owners of Clark Richardson Architects, are your people. There process started with my wife and I sending over photos of homes we love and styles we love. A few weeks later April & Ed presented to us a home that was 10X better than we could have ever dreamed of! Their focus on incredible design can not be overlooked, they incorporated every feature we wanted and even surprised us with features we didn't know we needed! After we decided on final renderings, April & Ed found, vetted, and got bids from great builders around town. They were able to find us really high quality builders who were a fraction of the cost of the other builders we spoke with. I could not recommend them higher!! April and Ed are the kind of people you dream of getting to work with when it comes to building a custom home! “

- Randall Slimp, Residential Client


"I had the opportunity to work with Ed Richardson on the Bonnell Drive Residence and would like to express my appreciation for his professionalism and expertise. As owner of Tripathi Builder Inc, I was selected to manage the construction of the Bonnell Drive Residence and worked closely with Ed from the early phases of design to the completion of the project. 

The Bonnell Drive Residence was architecturally complex and therefore required a solid relationship between the architect and builder.  Ed maintained this effective working relationship throughout the entire process.  He was both responsive and easy to work with, facilitating the transformation from design to construction through effective communication and coordination.  He worked seamlessly with the client, subcontractors, and other members of the team.  RFIs (requests for information) were reviewed and returned quickly and Ed consistently developed effective resolutions to design build issues in the field, keeping construction delays to a minimum.

Working with Ed on the Bonnell Drive project was a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  The end result was not only an architectural work of art but more importantly, a satisfied and happy client.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ed for future projects and look forward to working with him in the future, should I be so fortunate."

- Divit Tripathi, Owner, Tripahti Builder Inc., Contractor


"Having worked with April Clark over the last 4 years and in two different cities, I am enthusiastic in recommending her firm going forward. I am the contracted Construction Manager for an investment firm in San Francisco that purchases, improves and holds apartment communities throughout the western United States. As such, I interface with the Owner’s Design/Construction Team, including the Owner’s Interior Designer, the Architect, the General Contractor, and the city’s staff. Through the often tedious process, her firm is prompt beyond expectations, budget oriented, and very considerate of the schedule, often providing the extra effort causing divergent interests to “congeal” in an effective manner.

April’s focus and determination have brought great value to the properties at very reasonable fees, even throughout changes, tardy decisions by others, and the bureaucratic processes. I am available to discuss in detail our projects, her direct involvement, and the successful conclusion of her endeavors."

-Charles Holbrook, Owner, SilverEdge Construction, Construction Manager