Working with an Architect

Starting a new building project can be overwhelming.  We aim to make it simple and fun.  Ultimately, an Architect’s job is to design a space that realizes but often goes beyond the clients initial goals. We will take your ideas and uncover the hidden potential of your property or existing residence. Bring in your programmatic requirements and expectations, we can take it from there, to finesse every detail. Not every project is one size fits all, a custom design means the spaces are designed for you and the way you live - its not just a pallet of finishes.  

We are trained to create functional, elegant spaces and do so while bringing to bear the project’s program needs along with the site’s zoning, code, accessibility, sustainability issues, materiality and views. We work with an in-depth understanding of all of these elements producing an architectural experience that provides a framework for your commercial or residential project. For our custom residential clients, we can help you imagine how you see your family living in space now and in the years to come.  For our commercial  and spec clients, we can create a bold new image for your business contributing to its branding and identity or design a building that gently fits in with its surroundings.

Architects play the role of the conductor. We coordinate all other consultants that may be required, such as structural, civil, mechanical engineers etc.  The documents used for construction will be highly organized and legible, making the building process as smooth as possible. We can be the first people you contact when looking at acquiring a property for a particular need or we can help you re-visualize a property you have been occupying for years. 


Residential Project - What to Expect During the Design and Construction Process


This is the information collection phase. We will fine tune the requirements of your program with our program survey tool and look at the existing conditions of the property to define opportunities and evaluate any complexities of the property.  We will also discuss your design aesthetics to better understand the desired look and feel you would like to achieve during this time. If you do not already have a detailed land survey with topography and trees noted we will also help you by soliciting bids on your behalf for this service. 

Schematic Design

The development of 2-3 alternate approaches to the design. This phase consists of computer drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the project’s components, arriving at one single approach for the home that can be further developed for construction and for the specific site conditions. The project elevations will begin to be considered at this time and a 3-Dimensional digital model will be constructed to be used as a design and visualization tool.

Design Development

At this point we will be working with one direction decided upon at the end of Schematic Design. We will provide 1-2 revisions to this scheme if required, as it is further developed. We will begin to construct detailed drawings that describe more about the materiality and construction of the home.   Building sections, exterior elevations and 3-Dimensional model will be further developed.  At the end of this phase we will coordinate with a structural engineer of your choice for foundation and framing design.  We will work with a structural engineer of your choosing or solicit proposals on your behalf.  It is also suggested that a preliminary construction estimate be developed at this time and we will work with a contractor or your choosing or recommend some for your consideration. 

Construction Documents

Full drawings required to permit and construct your home will be drawn and dimensioned in CAD.  If requested and in an effort to expedite the permit process a permit set can be issued during the CD phase ahead of full completion of material selections and detailing.   We can assist you in interviewing contractors for your project, we have a solid list of builders we can recommend for the specific requirements of your project, if one has not yet been selected.   At this time you will be provided with the documents needed to permit your project.  If requested we can also provide permitting services.   

Construction Administration

Once construction begins, we will provide clarifications of the drawings to the Contractor as required,  be available to answer any builder/contractor Requests for Clarification or Requests for Information (RFIs) regarding our drawings or design intention during the construction process. We also visit the site during construction once a month, on a monthly basis, during construction to respond to questions and discuss progress.  Based on the complexity of the project this may be more or less frequent.